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Last Updated on :
August 16, 2015

Viewers guns

I want pictures of your mausers...all of them. Send me pictures of your guns with any info about the guns and your name or Internet username and I'll post your gun here for the world to admire. Don't keep that beauty to yourself let everyone enjoy Viewing it. Email me by clicking here and put the words my gun in the subject line.

Larry's Turk Mauser. The original stock was cut and reworked, with some maple burl pieces. All is original, including bolt handle turned down to clear low-mounted scope. Entire project (including scope) cost less than $100. With a reload, it does under 0.7" 5-shot groups at 100 yds.
Nice Rifle Larry thanks for letting us post it here!

D. Weaver's Custom 1921 Carl Gustaf M96 Swede Mauser
Beautiful Firearm, You can see the documented build of this rifle on
D. Weavers Site by
Clicking Here.

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Lothar Walther

NM Collector


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