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August 16, 2015

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Rick's scout, This a Czech M98. I shortened the Military 8mm barrel by cutting it off behind the sight, heck can't see it anyway, to 21in. and. recrowning. Installed Timney Sportsman trigger,an Xs Sight System scope mount and put it all in a Richard's Microfit stock in Royal camo. Shot it for the first time and it shot 1in at 100 yards.

Rick's other Mauser. Actually this is my son Sean's gun.I built this for him. It's a Waffenfabrik Steyr 98 from Austria. It sports an Adam and Bennet .30-06 barrel and a Fajen thumbhole in black laminate from Midwayusa. It has a Timney Sportsman trigger. The bolts been reworked and a Winchester style safety installed. It will shoot .750 at 100 yards

Tim K says, Here is a picture of my rifle. It is a VZ24 .308, with a fluted 24" target barrel by Adams & Bennett, ATI Stock, the action has been bead blasted, drilled and taped/ raceways polished/ bolt lugs lapped to the receiver/ bolt handle replaced to except low scope, trigger was replaced with a timney. Receiver has been glass bed/ barrel is free floated/ leopold rings and one piece mount/ scope is a Kahles ZF-95 6x40 with range finding retical from Israeli Defense Forces. The entire rifle is painted in camo print.

Christopher P.says, my k98 colloection,with a m48 thrown in.


Lothar Walther

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