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Last Updated on :
August 16, 2015

How to make a Hinged Floorplate
By Don Markey


This is how I modify Mauser trigger guards to hinge open the same technique can be used on enfields and springfields.

Start by forming a hinge piece out of 5/16" keystock.

I like this design a little better; it allows you to dress down the hinge to fit flush with the triggerguard as you will see later.

Next prep the floorplate by removing the lips that lock it into the guard.

Here are the pieces layed out ready to solder. I use Brownells force 44 solder and the flux they recommend.

Here it is soldered and the trigger guard ready to be modified. This guard is also getting a shotgun style bow as you will see later on. So the original bow was removed and dressed down. A hole was also drilled and tapped for the front of the bow.

The next step is to lay out the guard to cut the slot for the hinge. Apply dykem to the area and place the floorplate, then scribe the outline. I rough this cut out in the mill and then true it by hand with files. You could do it all by hand just as well; it would just take a little longer.

Here is the guard all cut and the floorplate dropped in. It is now ready to be dressed down and clearances cut for it to swing freely.

Now just a little file work to dress it down. Here is after about 10 minutes. Notice the beer in the background, this is time consuming work so relax and take your time.

Now it is done.

And it opens.

Now they are both ready for latches, if you noticed I’m doing 2 guards at the same time so the pics are kind of mixed up. There are also a few extra hinges and some welded up floorplates for the next project, but I’ll get to that later.

To save time I rough shaped the latches in the mill.

A little file work is all that is required to make the pivot. Now size this to your floorplate they are all a little different and you want a tight fit.

Now a little more file work, well a lot more, to shape the sides and top. I leave it long until near the end of shaping to give it a handle to put in the vice.

The tricky part is getting the bottom contour to match the floorplate. Just take your time and test fit often.

Here’s the top view.

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Lothar Walther

NM Collector


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